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Preslava Natova

Sound & Vibration Therapy

Preslava Natova graduated Manual Medicine and Ergotherapy from the Medical University Sofia (Bulgaria). Since 1996, she has been working as a holistic therapist and a tutor in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Bulgaria and France. In the year 2000, Preslava started her exploration of different techniques, one of which is the use of therapeutic and shamanic sound.


Since then, she has incorporate, within her work, ancestral sounds and shamanic musical instruments, canalization and healing. She has taught group workshops, incorporating breathing techniques, mystic movement (circular dance and Sufi whirling) and other techniques which allow the participant to find their own voice to achieve self-healing. Furthermore, she has delivered concerts with other musicians and music therapists. 

She has completed training in the following areas:

  • Music Therapy - ISEP: Higher Institute of Psychological Studies (Barcelona, Spain).

  •  Vocal Training - National Pedagogic University. 

  • Vocal Training with Orlin Ognianov (Tenor at the Sofia Opera). 

  • Vocal Training with Jan van der Stappen (Music Therapy).

  • Vocal Training with Liliana Jordanova (Soprano at the Sofia Opera). 

  • Vocal Training with Freddy Lafont (National University Colombia & Acapella Choir). 

  • Vocal Training with ‪Johannes Reichert. 

  • Music Therapy Training (Cordoba, Argentina). 

  • Tibetan Medicine Training (Barcelona, Spain). 

  • Dance Therapy Training (Colombia, Argentina, Spain & Cuba). 


Mandala of the 5 Elements
Workshop Level 1 

Methodology based on Mandala of the Tibetan medicine.


  1. Unlocking and emotional release - Body and Breathing. 

  2. Ancestral chant. 

  3. Internal organ sounds - Regulation Sounds. 

  4. Sound channeling. 

  5. Mantras and harmonizing sounds. 

What will you take away?  

  1. Deeper connection with the body, vibration and sound. 

  2. Taking consciousness.

  3. Emotional and energetic unlocking. 

  4. Learn auto-regulation technique. 

  5. Connect the authentic voice.

Contact me

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WhatsApp: +34 631 767 491 

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